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"Richard has helped me progress as a baseball player in many ways. He has helped me, physically, improve my strength and become a stronger, more developed athlete. However more importantly he has helped me mentally, gain confidence, to know that I can be confident in the abilities I have, and that is something I will forever be grateful for." 

Grant Smith, Age 17, Student 

"I have been training with Richard for 10+ years. Over that time-frame, there have been many questions about nutrition, muscles, surgeries, aches, pains, and more! Richard makes it his business to stay current with new developments and information that contribute to keeping his clients healthy and thriving." 

Susan, 60+, Education Consultant

“I have been trained on and off by Richard for over 20 years. I trained consistently with him until a moved away from Albuquerque. But I still train with him when I come back to Albuquerque for a visit. He trained me when I was a Division I athlete, needing to be in peak physical condition, he trained me through injuries, and he has trained me as I need to maintain health as a business profession. Richard has a unique gift of identifying the specific need of a client and creating a plan to help the client achieve his or her goals.”

Fred, Age 42, Attorney

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